Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What motivates you?

What motivates you? To do what?

What motivates you to share the Gospel? What makes you want to do it? You might say "I don't really go soul-winning on a regular basis." When you do, do you do it to share the Word of God or because your parents told you to? Probably the latter. Am I right? I mean we all go through it. I used to go soul-winning almost every month with my youth group. We would do it once every month. We still do, but I don't go anymore. I don't feel like going anymore, to be honest. But lately God has been taking to my heart, telling me to go, even without my youth group. He has been laying upon my heart to share the Gospel with my friends at work and with strangers. But I've been resisting His pull on my heart.
We all need motivation of some kind for almost everything. I'm like my mom in this matter. She doesn't want to do anything important unless she has extreme motivation. And sometimes that can be me or my siblings annoying her about it. I'm very much like that. I need extreme motivation.
In this subject, my motivation is death. Hell. You might be thinking, "Is she alright? She sounds like she be into that stuff." And no I'm not. The people in this world are dying and are on their way to hell. How can I be alright when I'm sitting on my lazy bum all day doing nothing but watching Once Upon A Time? How can we Christians stand around doing nothing, hiding our light under a bushel for no one to see? We are supposed to be a city on a hill, whose lots never go out. Why are we hiding our light? That is also my motivation. It doesn't make sense to light a candle in your house, just to hide it under a basket. Therefore it doesn't make sense for Christians to hide their light also. So why are we? Why are we letting the world control us by peer pressure and their labeling us as weird?
We are supposed to be weird. We are supposed to be apart from the world. We are strange. Why are we letting the world label us as normal? Christians nowadays want to fit it. But we aren't. Christians are doing just what the world wants them to, and not doing what God wants them to. When were we made the world's puppets?

What motivates you?

You just read my motivations. What are yours?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Don't Forget

Don't forget.

Sometimes it's so hard not to.

But we have to.

But what are we not to forget?

God's promises. What God has given to you. What God has done in your life.

In Psalm 77, Asaph (the man who wrote this Psalm) was feeling pretty down and depressed. Feeling overwhelmed (vs3). Pretty hopeless. But he turns to a different attitude in verse 10. "And I said, This is my infirmity: but I will remember the years of the right of the most High." KJV
He turns from being hopeless to remembering God. Remember God. When you're feeling down, depressed, and alone and it seems that life is falling apart, remember God and His promises. He is always with us. Read the Bible and find what God has done in the past and will do. Read Psalm 77:11-20 "I will remember the works of the LORD: surely I will remember thy wonders of old. I will meditate also of all thy work, and talk of thy doings. Thy way, O Go, is in the sanctuary: who is so great a God as our God? Thou art the God that doest wonders: thou hast declared thy strength among the people..."
As Christians, we should remember what God has given us. He has given us salvation, family, friends, a church, and talents. We are God's children, so we should praise Him and remember. It's good to remember!

Monday, April 28, 2014

A Singing Heart

Yesterday, a great friend of my church came to visit and preach because my pastor was away. And he didn't preach the normal sermon. You know, the sermon that says that we need to avoid certain sins and get right with God -- normal sermons. But yesterday, he preached on singing. Not the typical sermon, eh?
But within the singing message, he talked about: why, when, and how.
  • Why should we sing? Because God commands us to. It doesn't have to be pretty or even good. How do you think Moses or Miriam sounded when the Egyptians were drowned in the Red Sea? Do you think it sounded good? It doesn't matter! Just as long as it is from the heart to God, not other people.
  • When should we sing? We should sing before a battle. We should sing during the battle. God is always with us. He will never leave us or forsake us. We should sing after the battle. In praise, in gratitude. In worship. God brought us through that battle. We should worship Him for that.
  • How should we sing? Joyfully. We should sing with joy. Joy is not an emotion, it is a choice to trust God and endure it though it is tough. 
Psalms and Philippians are filled with how we should sing. Psalms is filled with sadness that turns to joy and trust. It is filled with depression and suicidal thoughts to praise and worship. Philippians is filled with joy. God is always with us; He provides. We can do anything because God is our strength. But sometimes when it gets rough, and we think that we can't go on... we can. God is always there, and He has promised to never give us trials that we can't handle. Like in that song by Group 1 Crew "He Said". "I won't give you more, more than you can take and I might let you bend, but I won't let you break." He might bend us, to mold us into His will. He is the potter, we are the clay. In order to transform us, He must bend us. And it will make it easier to sing during the trials. Believe me, I know. So have a singing heart!