Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What motivates you?

What motivates you? To do what?

What motivates you to share the Gospel? What makes you want to do it? You might say "I don't really go soul-winning on a regular basis." When you do, do you do it to share the Word of God or because your parents told you to? Probably the latter. Am I right? I mean we all go through it. I used to go soul-winning almost every month with my youth group. We would do it once every month. We still do, but I don't go anymore. I don't feel like going anymore, to be honest. But lately God has been taking to my heart, telling me to go, even without my youth group. He has been laying upon my heart to share the Gospel with my friends at work and with strangers. But I've been resisting His pull on my heart.
We all need motivation of some kind for almost everything. I'm like my mom in this matter. She doesn't want to do anything important unless she has extreme motivation. And sometimes that can be me or my siblings annoying her about it. I'm very much like that. I need extreme motivation.
In this subject, my motivation is death. Hell. You might be thinking, "Is she alright? She sounds like she be into that stuff." And no I'm not. The people in this world are dying and are on their way to hell. How can I be alright when I'm sitting on my lazy bum all day doing nothing but watching Once Upon A Time? How can we Christians stand around doing nothing, hiding our light under a bushel for no one to see? We are supposed to be a city on a hill, whose lots never go out. Why are we hiding our light? That is also my motivation. It doesn't make sense to light a candle in your house, just to hide it under a basket. Therefore it doesn't make sense for Christians to hide their light also. So why are we? Why are we letting the world control us by peer pressure and their labeling us as weird?
We are supposed to be weird. We are supposed to be apart from the world. We are strange. Why are we letting the world label us as normal? Christians nowadays want to fit it. But we aren't. Christians are doing just what the world wants them to, and not doing what God wants them to. When were we made the world's puppets?

What motivates you?

You just read my motivations. What are yours?

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