Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lord, help my unbelief

Many times as Christians we pray. As we should. But do we really believe that what we pray for will happen? Praying with believing faith is really hard for me. I've been so skeptical about things. Skeptical about miracles, answered prayers, and inspirational people.
I've been so, "Ha! That person is mistaking a regular and normal thing as divine intervention!" But today I was challenged about that.
A really good friend of my church came to visit this past week. This morning he preached on faith. Believing faith. Believing in the power of prayer. Prayer is powerful, but we as Christians limit its power when we don't believe. If we don't believe, then it won't happen.
Do we really believe? Whenever I pray and ask God to remove my depression, I expect it to come back again. And it has, and then it consumes me. But I have to believe. I believe that it will come back no matter if God takes it away or not. Then I limit God. I may learn from depression, but that doesn't mean it has to take over my life. The moment I believe that it will come back, it does. But if I just believe that it won't come back, maybe it won't.
Our beliefs affect our attitudes and behaviors. If we believe that depression won't come back, then we'll behave like that. And our behavior will affect other people positively. And making other people happy should make us truly happy too. See what simple belief can do?
That doesn't mean it's easy. It's hard to believe. But we just have to. All we had to do at salvation was believe. Why can't we apply that to prayer?
Maybe we don't pray for belief. Maybe we should pray for our unbelief. For God to take away our unbelief, thus giving us belief. We can't just say, "I believe." We have to mean it. Sometimes I wonder if I truly believe. I mean, I have all the head knowledge because I grew up in a Christian home, and I believed. But I didn't accept Jesus as my Savior until I was 11. I have the head knowledge that prayer truly works and I believe that it works, but can I truly accept it now just like I did all those years ago?
Just believe. I'm telling myself this, as well as y'all.
Lord, help my unbelief. Take away my doubts and depression and give me joy for the trials. Take away the unbelief and give me the hope and faith of a true Christian.

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