Saturday, March 7, 2015

Loving others

Just today, I posted on my social network how annoying Taylor Swift is. But how I love listening to Blank Space and Shake It Off. To me Taylor Swift is just so annoying!
But also today God convicted me of something. I wasn't loving others like I should be. Many celebrities are just so annoying, and I judge them. And lately God has been showing me by some sermons from my pastor, songs on Pandora about how we Christians should love others because words are just words without actions. Actions speak louder than words.
In the Bible, Jesus says that the second greatest commandment is to love others as you love yourself. He also says that the way we treat others is the way we treat Him. We can say all we want that we love God. But do we really? We judge others and hate them, and then we say we love God and love everybody. Do. We. Really?
I should love everybody for who they are. Everybody. Including celebrities and bullies. It is our job as Christians to love. God created us to give Him glory, and what better way than to love everybody. I mean, that's what Jesus's life was about. It's what Jesus was doing on this earth; lots of people hated him, and some loved him, and he loved even those who hated him. We should strive to be like Christ, then we should love everybody even the most annoying people in the world.
I love my sister Lena so much, but at times she can be SO ANNOYING!! At those times I just feel like hating her, but I can't because I love her too much. If we start a relationship with love and not hate, when that person does annoy us, we can't help loving them more.
It's so easy to hate people. It's so hard to love people. The Christian life isn't supposed to be easy. God knew that.

God tells us to love even the most annoying and unlovable people in the world. We don't have to agree with everything they say or do, but we do have to love them despite what they do and say.

I've made my choice, and it won't be easy. Do you want the easy route, or the opposite and love others? Make your decision.

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  1. Yeah, sometimes I struggle with downgrading people too. Even if it's just in my mind, it's still not right.


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