Monday, June 15, 2015

God's Love

So I like to listen to music in the shower. And today, Group 1 Crew's "His Kind of Love" came on on iHeart Radio. And I instantly started crying! I was reminded of God's love for me!
As a person who has a past that I'm not proud of, I'm am in awe of how God could love me the way He does! Every time I am reminded of His love for me, I just cry. I can't comprehend it. No one can. No one ever will. No one can ever do God's love justice!! 
And that's just perfect!! God is perfect. God is love. No one can fully comprehend God. So no one can fully comprehend love. Love is perfect. I will never get over God's love.
No song can perfectly describe His love for us. No person. Nothing. It's okay to be in awe - to not understand. I mean, I can barely get an A (much less a B) in physics because I don't understand it. And God created physics, so how can I possibly understand God? 
God has His plans, all of which will come to pass, His reasons. It's okay to not understand it. Just know and believe that they are for the best. 

I know this post was short, but how can I under-estimate God's love any more?! 

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  1. it's only God's love that gets me through every day. it's only by His unconditional love that I'm even here. this post was beautiful, Heidi <3
    i awarded you -


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