Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Tonight I truly learned the power of words. I knew how much words can hurt because I've been on the receiving end of both encouraging and hurtful words. I've also been on the giving end. Encouraging words I've given, and some hurtful I've given. But I guess I never learned my lesson. I mean, all those hurtful things I said were to my sister and we've made up. But tonight I quite possibly might have lost one of the best friends I've ever had. All because I couldn't keep my stupid mouth shut.
The Bible has several verses about the tongue. The tongue can be used for:

  • Hurt
         -Psalms 52:2; 64:3,8; 78:36
         -James 3
  • Worship
         -Psalms 71:24; 119:172
         -Philippians 2:11
         -1 Corinthians 14
  • Encouragement
         -Proverbs 10:31; 12:18; 15:2; 17:9
         -Ephesians 4:29
         -1 Corinthians 14
         -James 3
  • Love
         -Proverbs 17:9
         -James 1:26
         -James 3

The tongue is very powerful. James 3 explains several things about the tongue. And it's very impacting and really makes you think. Does what I say really effect people in that way? Is my mouth under control?
Well I can tell you this much: mine definitely isn't.
I have an attitude, and that effects how I talk and how I act. But thankfully, God told us that there is hope for our mouths. It can only be controlled by Him. If we let Him do His thing in our lives, then our words will change. And they will be encouraging, and not breaking down. And I looked up Bible verses full of wisdom about restraint. 
Proverbs is full of verses about the tongue: how powerful it is, what it can do, and its effects. And I brought some with me:
  • Proverbs 10:19; 15:1; 17:28; 18:21
These verses are about restraint. How powerful restraint can be too. Words are powerful, but so is silence. 

Think about your words. Are they what God wants them to be, or do they break people down?