Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Two more things

In my last post, I was telling y'all how God has been teaching me a lot of things lately. Well, here are TWO more things I've been learning from God. (More like three, but two are wrapped up in the first point here.)

  1. Burdens. A couple weeks ago, I told this annoying guy at my church how I really feel about him: he disgusts me. But apparently, he didn't take it to heart. He's still a jerk, he still flirts with me and every girl, still makes inappropriate jokes, and still insults people on a regular basis. I got the lecture from my mom and sister in-law about words. I mean, I know how powerful words are, but I mean seriously. It's not like I yelled at him. But I took what my mom and sister in-law said to heart. And since then I've been trying to think before I speak, especially around him. My point here is, this guy is a burden in my life. So are many other people, like Obama, "Christians", and just idiotic people. (Idiotic people to me are people who support Obama and Hillary Clinton. You know what I mean.) Lately, the argument about the Starbucks holiday cup has gotten Christians angry and offended. Just because the cup is red and "not Christmas-y enough." Seriously.? Christians are supposed to be loving and filled with Christ. Those outspoken Christians are ruining Christ's and His followers' reputation. They fight for a cause more than they fight for a person. They are self-righteous. That is not what Christians are supposed to be like! We are supposed to put Christ first, not a cause -- no matter how honorable the cause may be. The fuss they put up is not honoring to God. And those kinds of people are my burden. My burden is to love them, to be Christ-like to them, and not to get offended by their offense. And in order for that to happen, I need to be open to what God is teaching me.
  2. Loving others. Yes, I kind of covered that point already, but this is a little different. Lately, my best friend B has been going through a rough time. And I've always been here for her, and she's always done the same for me too. And I tell her this every time we speak. But I don't know if I've truly been a good friend for her lately. I tell her how much I love her, how I'll never leave her side, how God will never leave her, then a couple minutes later I'll post something and tag her in it. Something that relates to us. Telling her how much I love her. And this is kinda a confusing topic: what should I say? Yes, I should tell her something funny to lift her spirits, and tell her how much I love her, but I can over-do it, especially now. I know you can never over-do telling someone how much you love them, but is there a limit? Does that make sense? Like, I'll tell her how much I love her, but then a minute later, I'll tell her how great she is a friend for me. Like I'm selfish type of thing. Love isn't selfish. I do truly love her, but I shouldn't tell her how much she is great friend, comparing her to others. That's selfish and wrong. So I shouldn't be selfish, but I also let up on telling her how much I love her.

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